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Better Housing for All
Plan by Mayor Eddie Sundquist

The next four years are crucial to the revitalization of Jamestown, and housing is an essential piece of the puzzle that connects all the issues our community faces. This City needs leaders able to collaborate on a strategy focused on addressing our housing crisis. If we want to entice our next generation to invest in our city, it starts with investments in our neighborhoods. The status quo is not an acceptable solution. Our housing first approach is designed to enrich our residents, and their families, through new initiatives supporting the needs of our neighbors and making the City of Jamestown a more vibrant, and welcoming city. We will attack the issues plaguing our neighborhoods and community and we have a plan to do it.   

Fight Blight on our Streets 
  • Demolish unsightly and unsalvageable homes impacting the safety of our neighborhoods. Removing the red tape on demolitions so the dangerous homes in a neighborhood can be quickly demolished. 

  • Develop and implement neighborhood grant programs allowing large scale investment in our homes.  

  • Enforcement of junk and debris cleanup through direct ticketing of persistent violators.  

  • Continue to build on Invests in our parks and green spaces, and develop a strategic plan for our park system.

  • Unlock new opportunities for residents to purchase and improve solid vacant homes in our community.

Better Housing for All


  • Incentivize the building of more accessible and affordable homes across the City and in all neighborhoods.

  • Expand the City’s 19A program, which takes ownership, and secures vacant homes across the City, to put them in the hands of new & first time home buyers. 

  • Continue funding an enhanced Senior Home Improvement Program to assist with necessary home improvements and allowing our seniors to age in place. 

  • Work with partners to develop additional housing for vulnerable community members including a mix of supportive and transitional housing.


Protecting Our Community
  • Pass proactive property ordinances to prevent vacant housing from falling into disrepair and focus on ensuring basic safety, fire, & health standards. This includes the creation and enforcement of new rental property standards, fines for persistently vacant homes in residential neighborhoods, and laws on nuisance properties. 

  • Develop and connect residents to expanded mental health support services, including a pilot program to provide counselors with EMS workers on crisis calls. 

  • Organize community block clubs that bring neighbors together and help to rebuild our blocks.  

  • Expand Safer Jamestown N.O.W. (Neighbors on Watch) initiative by having block clubs work with our community policing program to keep our streets safe.

  • Grow our domestic violence support network and support hard-working community agencies engaged in ending DV across the City.

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